Women’s Building

Our Vision

Our intention is to create a safe place in Bradford dedicated to and focusing on Muslim women’s issues, where women (Muslims and non-Muslims) can come together and find their own confidence and strength; a space where they can access the tools and resources to create better lives for themselves, their family and their community.

MWC will aim to uplift the Muslim community by empowering women and girls through the activities held at this building. To make them feel welcome, respected, and actively engaged within society; by offering more direct access to personal scholarship and leadership opportunities.

The building will be women led and governed; and will house four distinct areas of service - a place of worship; a centre for learning and enterprise; a non-profit hub for other organisations serving women, girls and families; and a children’s hospice. Each of the areas will focus on offering opportunities for women to grow, learn and gain inspiration to spread throughout their respective communities.

We hope that bringing these four areas under one roof that new partnerships are formed, and that community work focused on supporting women is greatly improved. A building dedicated to a transformed world.

(The building will house a dedicated ‘mosque’ space specifically prepared for the purpose of offering the five daily prayers on a permanent basis and is devoted for that purpose. It will be an inclusive middle ground space that welcomes Muslims across the spectrum of beliefs and practices. We will work within Islamic orthodoxy, but also seek room for growth and flexibility, namely in the arena of women’s fiqh and female scholarship. This area will be in addition to the general place of worship and like the rest of the building will be women led and governed.)

Our Principles

Guided by the belief that all women and girls have the right to safe, joyous and creative lives, the building will be based on the principles of openness, inclusivity, social justice and sanctuary.

The building will be open to all; it will be a women focused space, not a women only space. It will represent what is possible when the potential of girls and women is nurtured, rather than locked away.

Women are and will be continually involved in the structure, design and planning of the building, to ensure that the foundations of project are based on collaboration, partnership, fairness and equity.

Visit our website: http://womenledmosque.co.uk/