Women Led Mosque

Our Vision

Our intention is to create a place of worship for communities founded on the principles of the Prophets Mosque in Medina. A space for the community demonstrating how women can lead and be included in places of worship, impacting positively on their families and communities. We want a space that is fully accessible to all communities (Muslims and non Muslims) and welcome all schools of thought. A safe space for women and a centre for learning and promoting shared values.

Our Principles

The mosque will be based on the principles of openness, inclusivity, social justice and sanctuary. Sadly, the alienation that women feel has profound consequences for younger generations, who are taught that Islam treats both men and women as spiritual equals. Our mosque is also unique in that it will be led by women and governed by women. Currently, no such structure exists anywhere in the UK to our knowledge.

visit our website: http://womenledmosque.co.uk/