Think + Do Tank

Think + Do Tank– generates joint responses and solutions to policy questions


Muslim Women’s Council aims:

  • To promote the role of Muslim women as an important and effective part of the UK’s social and economic fabric.
  • To bridge the communications gap between Muslim women and mainstream policy that impacts their lives.
  • To gather and provide learning and insight from our work to inform policy responses to some of the most pressing issues for Muslim communities.
  • To work with different organisations, stakeholders and others to generate joint solutions regarding policy concerns and other barriers.
  • To provide advocacy, information and expert advice to Muslim women, policy makers and mainstream institutions on faith based issues that affect the everyday lives of Muslim women.
  • To share good practice with other women groups regionally, nationally and globally.


Within a climate of Islamophobia fuelled by public stereotyping and male-dominated interpretations of Islam from within Muslim communities or assumptions made by non-Muslims, there seems to be a growing need to regulate Muslim women either because these women are seemingly unable to distinguish what is good for themselves, or because they have been somehow brainwashed and cannot see their own suffering. In short, society is denying Muslim women their ability to think and act independently. Within this climate Muslim women have been labelled as either oppressed or a perceived threat to national identities.

There is a gap and need for authentic and appropriate research to create better policy and drive practical solutions that address concerns and barriers of Muslim Women. There is a need for a Think+Do Tank, that not only focuses on the policy questions but, also develops practical responses and recommendations from the ground up.


Muslim Women’s Council want to establish a Think+Do Tank focused on improving the lives of Muslim women through the delivery of authentic and appropriate research to create better policy and drive practical solutions that address concerns and barriers. We will focus in the intersection of Muslim Women and various decision and policy makers to help define better practice. The areas critical to progress will be guided by Muslim women, as they have been doing regarding all our other services.

Overall our work will focus on gender, equality and equity to improve Muslim women’s empowerment by addressing the legal, economic and political constraints they face.

We will focus on a few initiatives, not many projects, which we will work on over a relatively long period of time to bring about change and measure success; then transfer the lessons learned from initiative to initiative.

We will focus on the issues and institutions that are critical to Muslim Women and the development of their role in society.

We will use the evidence, recommendations and solutions to show how governments, donor institutions, and the private sector can help create conditions that allow Muslim women to thrive.

To support the project please contact us on 01274 223230 or