Daughters Of Eve

Daughters Of Eve – focuses on enabling Muslim women to learn and share experiences to do more with their lives and in the community


Muslim Women’s Council aims:

  • To provide a space and time where issues can be openly discussed.
  • To create dialogue between Muslim Women and others to network and better understand each other.
  • To provide activities that increase skills and knowledge.
  • To provide opportunities for training, mentoring, education, employment and self-employment including social enterprise.
  • To discuss, inform and advise on faith based issues that affect the everyday lives of Muslim women.


Changes are occurring at unprecedented rates in our economy, job markets, technology, environment, politics and population. Consequently the challenges faced in many communities need urgent action and require radical new solutions, greater trust and social capital.

Building a resilient future for people and the places they call home requires individuals with lived experience to work collaboratively with institutions, grass roots and community organisation to evolve and become stronger through innovation and creativity.

By enabling the capacity, and potential of all of Muslim women, these communities will be better equipped to organise locally, mobilise resources, strengthen social cohesion and address the most pressing issues faced by communities in local areas.


We focus on breaking down the barriers Muslim women have identified they face, individually and collectively.

We do this by concurrently: (a) designing solutions with Muslim women which address the problems faced by them within each of our impacts streams, and (b) raising awareness and influencing decision-makers to adopt the solutions at scale.

Our activities include:

  • Women’s Circle is a women only space for informal learning on a range of subjects, providing a social space. To date we have delivered over 70 events, with an average of 100 attendees at each event; with each one facilitated by professionals and experts in their field, who agreed to volunteer their time.
  • Daughters of Eve an annual two day national residential conference held in Bradford that brought together 600 women from across the UK to attend 100 workshops and hear 30 speakers; to discuss topics relevant to Muslim women today.
  • FRAGILE project utilises a value based approach to create awareness of child sexual exploitation. Our 2 outreach workers have engaged with 376 individuals and families through 8 activities.
  • Head coverings – Reflections from women of faith, focused on the fact that most religious faiths promoted female head coverings and to highlight the shared heritage of head coverings.
  • Bradford Circle is a deliberative platform developing the capacity of women to engage with leaders in a public space; where individuals are pushed to think outside the box, with discussions and debates relating to today’s issues. We have held 20 events to date, with an average of 100 attendees per event and all events delivered by volunteers.
  • Fig Leaf is a social enterprise that provides a line of clothing specifically designed and created for women in the 30+ age range, and recruit and train women as sales representatives / distributors, similar to the ‘Avon’ sales model. We are currently working with 10 women to help set up their own business.

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