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We believe women are an effective force for social change and critical to the current debate taking place about the role/place of Muslims in British society.

The Muslim Women's Council was developed in response to a series of informal conversations with Muslim Women from across the Bradford district and with key Muslim female figures from around the UK over a number of years. A feasibility study was conducted in 2009 which identified a need to establish a Muslim Women led regional structure.

The MWC believes that women have a vital role to play in all aspects of public and private life. Their participation has always been prominent throughout history and in the current state, the role of Muslim Women living in the UK has never been more important.

The Muslim Women’s Council is a proactive organisation led by the needs of Muslim women. It aims to:

  • Provide a local and regional platform for Muslim women to network and to develop confidence to engage on issues of concern affecting Muslims living in the UK
  • Promote greater understanding and confidence between Muslims and the wider society
  • Promote meaningful engagement between Muslims and the media, policy makers and leaders
  • Engage with senior decision makers and leaders to hold them to account and influence policy

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Membership is open to all Women
Individuals may apply - You do not have to be part of an organisation

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